2XL Supercross Review

By , on July 1, 2009

2XL Supercross
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4 out of 5


  • Game offers high quality graphics and great range of control systems.


  • This game does not offer multiplayer capabilities.


Although Supercross has many positive attributes, it's in a rather high price bracket. This, combined with the lack of multiplayer might put people off this game but this reviewer definitely enjoyed playing it.

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Supercross is a motocross game for the iphone and ipod touch. You race against competitors in order to unlock new levels. With each new level the difficulty is increased and it becomes that much harder to earn the gold medal.

The menu is simple and easy to navigate. You can customize your own profile, your bike or even your character's clothing. The default controls require you to tilt the phone to execute turns however there are several different systems to choose from in the menu, allowing each user to pick the controls that work best for them. Each control system has its perks. During the game play you have the option to change the perspective of your character, giving the player a view from behind the handlebars. This changes control sensitivity dramatically, but the player has the option to customize the sensitivity in the menu.

The graphics are very high quality and you get that clean smooth gameplay that we have come to expect and enjoy from other 2XL games. While the single player mode in this game is great fun, there is no multiplayer ability and you are unable to play your ipod during gameplay. This does distract a little from what is otherwise an excellent game.

Almost every aspect of this game is well designed and it has a good flow that keeps the player engaged. If you are looking for a fun motocross game for your iphone or ipod touch than be sure to check Supercross out.


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