Heli Rescue: Ep2 Mountain Mayhem Review

By , on August 21, 2009

Heli Rescue: Ep2 Mountain Mayhem
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3 out of 5


  • Controls work great.
  • Gameplay is tense.
  • Online Scoreboards.


  • Bad sound effects.
  • Only 3 locations.


The popularity of games like Flight Control have introduced players to this whole new sub genre of directional management gaming. Heli Rescue is a great addition to this genre will appeal to fans and new players alike.

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Heli Rescue is latest title from development team Distinctive Developments. This is a unique take on the popular new style of directional management gameplay. Heli Rescue as its name implies, has you directing a team of helicopters to pickup and aid a series of helpless survivors.

After some quick tutorial screens you're put into action. From here it's up to you to direct your choppers around the screen to pickup survivors that randomly spawn in different locations on the map. Dragging a line from your chopper to the survivor sets it's destination. When a chopper loads up a survivor you must then direct it back to a helipad at which point the survivor is saved. Each chopper has a set number of survivors it can carry at any one time so managing this adds another layer of strategy to think about.

Heli Recue's visuals are crisp and easy to look at. Choppers have different colours to help them stand out against each other and survivors are clearly marked within coloured rings. Unfortunately the audio doesn't fare as well. Survivors let out high pitched squeals when not being rescued which becomes annoying as soon as more than a handful are on screen.

Aside from some bad sound effects, Heli Rescue is another great game that captures the tension and excitement of similar titles.


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