Totem Treasure Slots Review

By , on July 1, 2009

Totem Treasure Slots
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3 out of 5


  • Pay out frequency selection between realism or fantasy.
  • Interchangeable between 5 and 6 reel games.


  • Not an entry-level slots game.


Totem Treasure Slots is a basically featured slot machine game that has some interesting elements, but suffers from the same problem as real slot machines: Not everyone is attracted to them and often it's the theme and not the features that become main attractors. Enjoyable, but not for everyone.

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Totem Treasure Slots by Pokie Magic is a fantasy slot-machine app to add to the already large catalog of games in this genre. This is simulated gambling with more than a little bit of fantasy in its theme and its rewards, but it retains all the attractive qualities of a slots machine without the financial burden.

Playing the game only requires touching the simulated buttons that are present on most real slot machines. At times you'll be prompted to participate in this game's Feature mode, which is activated by three golden chief symbols, producing a free-play mode where winnings are tripled as it plays. Specific features for this game include the ability to double up a win up to five times and the ability to play roulette with any win.

The visuals are themed appropriately with Native American iconography, but some of the designs go beyond eye-catching and tend to blend with each other. If this were a slot machine in a bar or casino you might just pass it by unless the machine itself was flashy enough.

Totem Treasure is a fun, if somewhat basically featured slot-machine app. With bets ranging between $1-200, you can spend as much or as little time playing this game. A decent app for anyone who enjoys slot machines.


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