Zombie Runaway Review

By , on February 18, 2011

Zombie Runaway
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3 out of 5


  • Simple endless gaming; pick-up and play controls and gameplay.
  • Fun theme and various unlockable bonuses to customize your zombie.
  • Endless and Rush modes to test your skill.


  • Dull avoidance gameplay; skill-capped by your reaction speed.


Zombie Runaway has a neat theme and a charming style, but without gameplay that's more compelling it's just another endless title to add to the pile.

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It was sort of inevitable and I'm certain it's not the first, but zombies and endless runners have collided in Zombie Runaway by Com2uS. Regrettably there's not a lot on offer and while the prospect of earning bonus items is enticing it still feels like another runner to throw on the pile.

Instead of the traditional side-scrolling platformer, players are placed in a vertical orientation while running up the screen to an infinite horizon, dodging gravestones by tapping left and right or directly jumping over them. Coins provide point bonuses and a combo counter spins up as long as you aren't injured in the meantime. Power-ups provide speed boosts of different varieties and if you can react fast enough you can chain up several boosts to add a huge bonus to your score.

New hazards to avoid are added as you progress further down the path, though the main challenge to overcome is the increased speed that requires near perfect reactions to stay alive. Various items can also be unlocked and equipped before each run to change how you earn points or the effects of power-ups, but the effects are often simply aesthetic instead of truly game-changing.

Zombie Runaway is amusing at first, but it fails to bring anything interesting to an otherwise inflated genre. Not a bad pickup if you're not completely over endless runners, but you probably already own something similar if not better.


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