Fozwot Review

By , on September 10, 2009

  • Publisher: LOFOPI
  • Genre: Action
  • Released: 9 Sep, 2009
  • Size: 9.8 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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2 out of 5


  • Fantastic looking visuals.
  • Players can use their iPod during game play.
  • The game has potential to be quite good.


  • Fozwok’s movement is quite difficult to control well.
  • There are no online leaderboards or highscore options available.
  • The game is vague and confusing; and only briefly explained in the help menu.


Do not buy this game unless you want something that’s hard to control and screams at you in the most unpleasant of ways. This game is not worth the current price.

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Fozwot is a strange puzzle game where players take control of Fozwot, an odd looking insect who is also a butler. While Fozwot was serving under the Queen, all her eggs were stolen, and it’s now up to you to go out and retrieve them. In your arsenal you are able to spin webs to catch other insects and can launch a ball at them as well.

You control Fozwot by using the iPhone's tilt capabilities and control his web and ball throwing by tapping on the screen. You can either use these attacks to kill off the other insects and boost your highscore or try to avoid them long enough to collect all the queen’s eggs in the level. There are a few speed and directional issues with the controls however, and these can tend to hinder gameplay a bit.

The visuals are stylised and incredibly well done; movement is smooth and fluid and a real treat to watch. The game’s sound effects are loud, aggressive and an experience that you would rather soon forget. Fortunately players can turn off the sound effects and use their iPod during gameplay. The game features a single player story mode only, with no online leaderboard options.

Fozwot seems to be a game that can be classed as style over substance. The game looks terrific, there’s no doubt in that, but the controls are hard to use, the sound is quite assaulting and the game lacks any form of satisfaction for players. The frame for a solid title is here, but until more work is done to it, Fozwot will remain a game that should be best forgotten about.


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