PapiMissile Plus Review

By , on July 1, 2009

PapiMissile Plus
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4 out of 5


  • Responsive and simple controls make the game easy to play.
  • Different level structures and enemies give players extra gameplay options.
  • Constantly increasing difficulties keep players interested.


  • Gameplay is quite basic and isn’t as diverse as some other shooting games on the iPhone.


Papimissile Plus is a basic but fun shooter; don’t expect the ‘DOOM’ amount of content. But if you want a game to kill some time and have fun doing so, then this is a great buy at the current price.

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Papimissile Plus is a defence style shooter that puts players in control of Mr. Papi, a happy red ball. Your goal is to shoot Mr. Papi from the three launchers at your disposal in order to destroy the incoming missile attacks.

You shoot Mr. Papi by flicking whichever one of the three launchers you want to fire in the direction of the missile attacks. You can fire one Mr. Papi at a time or launch all three in quick sequence in order to stop the incoming missile attacks. If any of your launchers are hit by a missile, then you lose it. But you are able to get any lost launchers back if you manage to hit a flying saucer.

The visuals are simple but are varied up with different enemies and backgrounds in the other levels. The sound is good and makes for frantic gameplay when the sounds of a heavy missile fire fills the air. Alternatively, players can turn off the game sound and use their iPod music instead. The game is single player only, but the option to submit your level highscore is always available after game over.

Papimissile Plus is a fun strategy shooter that will appeal to fans of Space Invaders, especially with the ‘Space’ homage level. The game’s simple controls, unusual gameplay and increasing difficulties keep the game fresh and interesting. Players will love launching Mr. Papi at oncoming missiles and find the game’s various charms irresistible.


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