Enigmo 2 Review

By , on September 3, 2009

Enigmo 2
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3 out of 5


  • Very clever physics puzzles.
  • Amazing to watch your solution.


  • 3D movement can obscure the puzzle.
  • Controls are glossed over and not taught.


What should be a brilliant new offering from Pangea will probably turn away players before they can enjoy it. The game's 3D manipulation was a great idea, but in many ways proves to be as obstructive as it is interesting.

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Enigmo 2 is Pangea Software's response to their already successful and critically aclaimed physics puzzle game Enigmo. In this offering Pangea has brought better graphics and even 3D world manipulation, but does that make it a better game?

The first major hurdle players unfamiliar to Enigmo as a series will need to come to grips with is the set of controls available. Each of the earlier levels attempts to teach the physics and new features of the game, but forgets to let players get comfortable with how the game is played. World manipulation is performed through a combination of dragging objects or the world around and using highlighted handles on selected objects to rotate them.

Visually Enigmo 2 is quite beautiful and shows off just what the iPhone can achieve with clever use of artwork. The special effects and physics display are quite beautiful to watch at times, but much of the interface is fairly impenetrable as players are left to their own devices to work out what each object or button does. Worse still, movement in 3D can result in the puzzle obscuring your puzzle pieces, though some truly unique solutions can result from this adversity.

It's hard to enjoy a game that initially seems to be unwilling to work with the player in learning how to play, especially one that is so fun once that hurdle is cleared. Fans of Enigmo and physics puzzle games will get a kick out of Enigmo 2, but it may prove to be too frustrating for new players.


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