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Warheads Review

Warheads Review

One of the great things about the App Store is seeing how classic arcade games are revived and reinterpreted for a new audience.  Warheads is the latest release from Pangea Software and attempts to update the seminal arcade game Missile Command. Jumping into the game couldn't be easier and requires a quick tap and a quick wit to survive each successive wave sent to wipe you out. The basic screen layout is the same as the original, with three missile lanchers set amongst objects y…

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Nanosaur 2 Review

Nanosaur 2 Review

Time travel is always a tricky issue. There are enough loop holes and technicalities that will disprove just about every single theory. But in Nanosaur 2, when gun wielding dinosaurs from the future are thrown into the mix, it’s safe to say that accuracy isn’t a key part of the game. Players control the Nanosaur and must travel back in time to retrieve a number of stolen dinosaur eggs and safely return them to the future. Movement is controlled by tilting the iPhone and we…

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Enigmo 2 Review

Review Pangea Software, Inc. By Andrew Nesvadba, 14 years, 6 months ago
Enigmo 2 Review

Enigmo 2 is Pangea Software's response to their already successful and critically aclaimed physics puzzle game Enigmo. In this offering Pangea has brought better graphics and even 3D world manipulation, but does that make it a better game? The first major hurdle players unfamiliar to Enigmo as a series will need to come to grips with is the set of controls available. Each of the earlier levels attempts to teach the physics and new features of the game, but forgets to let players get c…

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Cro-Mag Rally

Cro-Mag Rally $1.99

App 5.4.1

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Billy Frontier $0.99

App 3.3


Enigmo $1.99

App 6.2

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Bugdom 2 $2.99

App 5.7

Chalkboard Pinball

Chalkboard Pinball $0.99

App 1.2.2

Leaf on the Wind

Leaf on the Wind $2.99

App 1.1

Leaf on the Wind

Leaf on the Wind $0.99

App 1.2.2

Monkey Bongo Free

Monkey Bongo Free FREE!

App 1.5

Air Wings Intergalactic

Air Wings Intergalactic FREE!

App 1.9.1

Nanosaur 2 Free

Nanosaur 2 Free FREE!

App 5.0.3

Nucleus FREE

Nucleus FREE FREE!

App 2.3

Air Wings®

Air Wings® FREE!

App 14.6.3