Team Awesome Review

By , on December 11, 2012

Team Awesome Pro
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  • Genre: Arcade
  • Released: 29 Nov, 2012
  • Size: 160.9 MB
  • Price: $1.99
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4 out of 5


  • Lot's of enjoyable animations and camera angles.
  • Missions are fairly easy to complete.


  • High emphasis on unlocks and coins.


Team Awesome is an endless runner broken up into small levels, with easily achievable goals, but the ever looming presence of the store degrades the experience somewhat.

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A mysterious meteor has crashed into the planet, spraying forth red and blue crystals everywhere. Four unsuspecting wage slaves have been affected by these crystals, granting them super powers and the ability to form a group called Team Awesome. As impressive as that sounds, the rest of the experience is grinding through repetitive levels to gain enough coins to unlock the next level, only to do the whole thing all over again.

But at least the controls are based around one touch gameplay! Touching the screen will engage your character's power of flight which will lift them off the ground towards the sky. The power of flight is sometimes hampered by low ceilings, but once out in the open, you can glide along to your heart's content, especially when there are steam vents to launch you in the stratosphere. Each level is an endless runner, granting you three missions which upon completion should net you enough experience and/or coins to unlock the next level. The missions themselves are pretty easy to complete, and shouldn't take more than a couple tries, but having to actually unlock each new level rather than just being able to play through the game is a curious design decision and one that impacts the experience negatively.

The actual running and flying portion is based around energy. Your energy gauge will constantly deplete, and you have to keep collecting blue crystals to keep it going, all the while collecting coins and attacking evil-doers. Once that energy runs out, play time is over. Completing missions also allows you to level up your character, and your super powers can be upgraded in the shop.

The visuals combined with the game's sense of humor do a lot to give Team Awesome a lighthearted feel. The animations of your character running, jumping, and smashing through walls are great, and the cinematic camera really lends itself to placing you in the action.

It's just a shame that so much of this game is centered around in game currency, and the omnipresent presence of the store. You even get coins for logging in daily, bringing back bad memories of the worst of the freemium movement. Team Awesome has some inventive design and great presentation, but the unlock focused design is going to turn a lot of players away... possibly to something less awesome.


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