Vegas Pool Sharks Review

By , on July 24, 2009

Vegas Pool Sharks
  • Publisher: RESETgame
  • Genre: Sports
  • Released: 23 Jul, 2008
  • Size: 6.7 MB
  • Price: $2.99
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3 out of 5


  • A few different variations of Pool to play.
  • Players can use their iPod during gameplay.
  • Option to continue games from where you left off.


  • The visuals aren’t the nicest looking; and all of your opponents look demonic.
  • The controls seem clunky and choppy.
  • No multiplayer modes of any kind.


Vegas Pool Sharks can be an uncomfortable experience and isn’t as polished as you’d expect it to be. But if you‘re a real ‘Pool Shark’, then this game may be worth the current price.

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Vegas Pool Sharks is a Pool game for the iPhone. Players select an opponent, each with a different skill level, and play a game of Pool. There are a few different game styles to play from but all are pretty much standard rules of the game.

You control your cue by dragging your finger across the screen to set-up the angle of your shot, and dragging backwards to adjust the power of your shot. You can also opt to use on screen buttons to calibrate your shot if you find that easier. The controls take a little getting used to as they are quite choppy.

The visuals while 3D can be quite unappealing at times, especially when your opponent grimaces what is meant to be a smile as they sink a ball. The game is limited to sound effects only, but players can use their iPod during gameplay instead. The game features a few variations of pool and is single player only.

Vegas Pool Sharks is a game that would appeal to fans of Pool, but due to some of its rougher qualities, may limit itself to fans of the sport only. While the visuals are 3D, they aren’t the clearest and it’s sometimes hard to distinguish which balls are which. The controls themselves aren’t as smooth as you’d like either. Camera adjustments tend to cut to the new angle and players can often accidentally take their shot when trying to adjust the view. As mentioned earlier though, while these issues may deter the casual player, a Pool enthusiast may be able to overlook them and enjoy what’s on offer.


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