One Tap Hero™ Review

By , on August 31, 2012

One Tap Hero™
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4 out of 5


  • Simple, cute, and elegant.
  • Situational controls.
  • Bite size creative levels.


  • Jumping arc and power a little strange.


A cute and simple platformer with great art, that's a lot of fun.

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Does an evil wizard need a reason to turn your girlfriend into a teddy bear that can only be saved by collecting the power of the stars? Not if he's truly evil, and not just faking it. This premise sets up a bite sized platformer that is as delightful to control as it is to play. This is One Tap Hero.

There have been quite a few platformers out there that have used the control strengths of the iPhone to great effect through taps and swipes as opposed to on screen buttons that only feel tight and responsive once in a blue moon. The goal of each small stage is to reach your girl, while hopefully taking the time to collect the stars and coins along the way (coins vary, but stars number in the requisite three that has come to define the platform). Everything along the way is handled by a simple tap (or a tap and hold when it comes to longer jumps). The jumping arc is a nice range depending on the hold, and what makes things really interesting is the constant addition of new features like warp portals, and bouncing springs. Tapping to grab hold of a ladder is a little disconnecting early on, but once you suss it out, the game returns to utter simplicity control wise, which is definitely a high compliment.

The stars unlock later worlds (and are there for completion’s sake) and the coins are used to buy accessories for your little featureless white representation of a human. Humorously, the first unlock is a fig leaf to hide your non-existent shame. And the presentation itself carries sort of a care-free lighthearted approach to the task at hand, with basic but expressive characters and simple but delightful landscapes.

This is a platformer made for those who want some fun stress-free jumping. Those invested in the game can try and collect all the stars and keys (which takes a bit of thinking and skill), but many can be satisfied with reaching their teddy bear and moving on to the next level, while enjoying the laid back and pleasant presentation.


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