RocketFuse Review

By , on September 10, 2009

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3 out of 5


  • Great physics based gameplay.
  • Very challenging gameplay.
  • The controls are simple but offer players some freedom - if you want to blast through blindly or calculate your flight plan.


  • There are only 12 levels to play through.
  • Only one main game mode - would love to see a ‘free mode’ of some sort in the future.


If you are one of the die hard physics based games fans out there, Rocket Fuse will not disappoint you. This game is worth the current price.

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If you ever dreamed of attaching a series of rockets to an inanimate object to try and replicate a space shuttle launch, then today is your lucky day. Rocket Fuse has players helping a small spaceship escape from a series of caves by; you guessed it, loading it up with high powered rockets.

This physics based game uses some simple controls and stands out because of it. Players place rockets on their ship by touching the iPhone screen. Players can tap the ship to place a series of small rockets or tap and drag out a fuse to create a slower but more powerful rocket. It’s entirely up to the player how they want to take on a level, but if you want to unlock the available medals, you will need a more calculated escape plan.

The visuals consist of a quirky cardboard cut out style with a spacey and surreal sound scape to match. The game features only one main mode but it would be great if some new modes were introduced to utilize the game's physics engine, such as a ‘free fly’. The game doesn’t feature any highscore or leaderboard options but as mentioned earlier, levels can be replayed to try and earn medals.

Rocket Fuse is a game that will definitely appeal to fans of physics based games. While the game is simple enough, it can be quite difficult as harder levels feature more obstacles for you to manoeuvre around. The game is thoroughly enjoyable and although the game may seem short, this isn’t one that you can just rocket through in one go.


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