Against the Fire! Review

By , on September 20, 2009

Against the Fire!
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4 out of 5


  • Easy to use controls.
  • 50 different levels to play through.
  • Good looking 2D visuals.


  • Players cannot hose off flames that are too close to your character; no close quarters fire extinguishing.
  • The game becomes a bit stale after a while - no goal variation at all.
  • No online leaderboard options.


If you love the twin-stick shooting games then you’ll have some fun with Against the Fire. This game is worth the current price.

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Against the fire is a twin-sticks shooter where you play as a fireman and must help rescue people trapped in a burning building. You must use your hose to extinguish incoming flames and guide the survivor to the safety zone. Your goal is to complete each level as fast as possible for a greater highscore.

You control the fire fighter by using two joysticks at the bottom of the screen: one for movement and one for your hose. As you progress through the level you must use both sticks to effectively dodge and extinguish the flames and lead your survivor to the safe zone. The controls are very simple and easy to use, making the game accessible to younger players.

The visuals are very fluid and smooth. And the sound is exciting and adds tension to each level. The game features only one game mode, but multiple accounts can be used and played. Also there is a local highscore option but there are no online leaderboards currently available.

Against the Fire is a game that appeals to fans of games like Mini-Gore and other twin stick shooting games. The game itself plays great and is accessible to younger aged players, but it will become a bit repetitive after a while. It would be nice if upgrades and other objectives were introduced via an update or two but the gameplay is still solid and will surely provide you with a few cheap thrills.


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