Crush the Castle Review

By , on September 19, 2009

Crush the Castle
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2 out of 5


  • Custom level designer feature is a nice addition.
  • Improved move counter system from flash version.
  • The control system is easy to use.


  • The physics engine is not that good; tilting towers will often tilt back into place.
  • The emphasis of the game is to get that one perfect shot, which is extremely hard to do.
  • Practically no variation from the online version.


Why bother buying this game when you can play the flash version for free online? This game isn’t worth the current price.

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Crush the Castle is a port of the online flash game of the same name for the iPhone. Your goal is to launch a boulder from a trebuchet into a castle to knock down the foundations or walls so that the people inside the building are crushed. Your goal is to kill all people in and around the castle in as few shots as possible to earn medals.

The controls are simple, tap the screen to start your trebuchet and tap again to release the boulder. You must time your release according to each map and try to get that one perfect shot needed to take down the castle. Players will progress through a number of different lands and unlock new ammo types in each land that they visit.

The visuals are good but have not changed from the flash version which is a little disappointing. The sound is restricted to sound effects but players can use their iPod during gameplay. The game features a main single player mode only with no highscore or online leaderboard options. But players can replay levels in hopes of earning a better trophy.

It’s strange to see Armour Games, a company that labels itself “The BEST in free online games”, charging money for Crashing the Castle when it’s essentially the same game as the flash version. And while it could be forgiven if the demand for a fantastic flash game was too large to be ignored, this just isn’t one of those games. While the shot counter and game mode has been changed slightly, overall there isn’t enough new content to warrant this redesign for the iPhone.


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