iBomber Review

By , on July 1, 2009

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3 out of 5


  • A good choice of maps to play through.
  • Players are able to use their iPod and make playlists during gameplay.
  • Great game concept.


  • Gameplay is very repetitive.
  • The controls aren’t as smooth as you’d like.
  • The targets often require a bullseye to be destroyed, which is hard to do all the time.


While iBomber offers a fair amount of content, the gameplay itself never changes and may become a bit stale after a while. This game may be worth the current price.

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iBomber is an action game where players take control of a 1942 bomber plane and must fulfil various war missions. You will be given different objectives and targets in each level and it is up to you to fly over and drop bombs in order to destroy them.

You control your bomber plane by tilting the iPhone up and down to adjust speed and side to side to steer. Players drop bombs by pressing the ‘Bombs Away’ button and aim using the on screen reticle. There are number of different power-ups players can collect, most of which are more explosive or damaging bombs.

The visuals are quite smooth and appealing. The sound is diverse and the game also allows you to create your own custom iPod playlist. The game is single player only and features one main mode. But there are no leaderboard or highscore options currently available.

iBomber is a game that has a great concept, but some average gameplay. It’s certainly fun to blow things up in a 1940’s bomber plane, but getting to that point takes time and constant adjustment to nail that perfect shot. But there is still some fun content here and worth a look at if you like explosions.


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