South Park Mega Millionaire Review

By , on September 12, 2009

South Park Mega Millionaire
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3 out of 5


  • The game’s aesthetic style is great; the game sells insane Japanese game show.
  • iPod music access throughout the game.
  • Local multiplayer gameplay available.


  • The gameplay is repetitive and stale.
  • The game itself is more of a quick South Park cash-in than anything else.


Even if you’re a huge South Park fan there’s not a lot of content or fun gameplay here to make this a worthwhile purchase.

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South Park Mega Millionaire is a game where you take control of your four favourite foul mouthed kids as they try to win 10,000 Yen on a Japanese game show. You must slip and slide around a number of different levels in order to collect cash and tokens needed to continue.

You control the boys by tilting the iPhone to move and by tapping the screen to jump. Otherwise players can opt to use directional buttons to move instead. The controls are simple and very easy to use but seem a little too simple to be any fun for the player.

The game’s visuals are distinctly South Park but the Japanese game show style is fantastic. The strange backgrounds filled with love hearts and platypuses make for a really fun visual experience. The sound is good but only when it’s turned on by the player as the default setting is to mute all sounds. The game features both single and local multiplayer modes, each consisting of the standard gameplay.

South Park Mega Millionaire is a strange game and not just because of the Japanese game show theme. The game itself is only loosely tied into the show by the characters; there is nothing else South Park related on offer. Apart from that, the gameplay is repetitive and unfulfilling making this a game you might play through once, but that’s about it.


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