Alpine Crawler World Review

By , on March 4, 2010

Alpine Crawler World
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3 out of 5


  • A lot of content to play through.
  • Very amusing car physics.


  • Some gameplay balance is needed.


APW can be fun, and there's a lot to do, but the gameplay won't appeal to everyone.

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It's hard to put Alpine Crawler World (ACW) into a genre. It's part racer, and part physics sim. Like its predecessor, and Moto X Mayhem, you have to finish the race in as short a time as possible, but the terrain, and the bounciness of your vehicle make that a lot harder than it sounds.

Control is quite clever. On the left and right of the screen, there are accelerator and brake pedals. You tap them and then drag down to put your foot on them to drive or stop. Any slams to your car will lower your health bar, and if you KO, you will need to restart the race. The physiscs are quite springy, and it is easy for your car to flip, or get stuck.

The visuals are simple, but suit the game. There are good textures, lighting, and weather effects, and watching your car bend like rubber when landing badly is amusing. The sound is quite basic, but there is ipod support so you can drive along with your favourite tunes. There is quite a lot of content here, with three game modes and locations, four cars, five drivers, thirty levels, and openfeint support.

ACW has a lot of content, but the gameplay might not be for everyone. Levels can take a lot of trail and error to complete, while others you only need to put your foot down and hope for the best. The original Alpine Crawler is free now, so that might be worth a look to see if ACW is something you'd enjoy.


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