By , on March 13, 2011

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4 out of 5


  • Challenging mix of puzzle and platform elements; keeps you on your toes thanks to timed 'respawns'.
  • New 'physics' tools added regularly to keep things fresh.
  • Additional bonus levels for a break from the puzzle gameplay.


  • Hit or miss retro theme; more gaudy than 'classic' in its design.
  • Relatively short title; easy to finish in a couple sittings.


'Retro' gets thrown around all too easily and while KAMI RETRO features gaudy 'pixelated' visuals its the fun modern gameplay that makes this worth checking out.

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I have to hand it to Gamevil - despite the roaring success of their collection of RPG-based titles, the company is still willing to branch out and try something way outside their comfort zone. KAMI RETRO jumps on the puzzle platform conga line by adding a slight Lemmings twist to the usual formula, however while the gameplay has its charms it's the presentation that will prove to be the make or break decision for most people.

KAMI RETRO keeps things simple with a single-touch control system comprised of a touch and drag system to reposition puzzle elements on the screen and a swipe system to control the actions of the 'pixelated' hero as he runs around the level. The result is a system that feels intuitive, if a bit lacking in responsiveness as later levels can cause a bit of confusion, resulting in swipes that aren't entirely accurate thanks to being angled slightly wrong. Your aim is to ensure that at least one of the four spawning players makes it from the entrance to the exit, however this is complicated by players spawning at set intervals, so you'll need to reach the exit in a timely manner to prevent overlapping.

The challenge of setting all the stage's elements (be it trampolines, springs, cannons, wind-machines and so on) and testing the sequence out can be immensely fun and bonus stages add a different spin on the gameplay, with players trying to collect as many stars as possible in a set period of time. Regrettably, the game is plastered with a faux-'retro' style that tries to invoke the Atari 2600 and its ilk (albeit with a 3D overlay) and the combination of gaudy colors and bleeping audio act as more of a distraction than a warm reminder of a bygone age. Thankfully other unnecessary 'retro' elements such as a limited framerate are bypassed and the gameplay is incredibly smooth once all the pieces of your level are set in place.

KAMI RETRO can be an immensely fun game to finish if you don't mind the visuals, just be aware that its addictive nature is a double-edged sword and you'll find yourself completing the game within a very short space of time.


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