Spore™ Origins Review

By , on July 1, 2009

Spore™ Origins
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3 out of 5


  • The option to use any image on your iPhone as a creature skin is a great addition.
  • Players can use their iPod during gameplay.
  • Simple controls mean any aged/level player can play.


  • Gameplay is very repetitive and can get boring after a while.
  • The customisation options are deceptively limited.


Spore Origins is a good time waster game, but one that may lose its appeal after a short time. This game may be worth the current price.

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Spore Origins is a spin-off title from the 2008 PC game Spore. Players must start out as a single celled organism and eat other organisms in order to evolve. Players can upgrade their creatures to increase defence, movement and perception and colour patterns and body shapes can be edited for aesthetic purposes.

You control your creature by tilting the iPhone in the direction you want them to move. Players must also tap on the screen when in the creature evolution menu and can change creature features and other options. These simple controls free the gameplay so that almost anyone can play.

The 3D visuals look great and everything from the levels to the creatures themselves are very detailed. The sound is subtle and fun, but players have the option to use their iPod during gameplay. This is a single player game, but highscores can be submitted to thew global leaderboards.

Spore Origins is a solid title that appeals to fans of games like Feeding Frenzy. But the gameplay tends to lack in diversity and while the customisation options can be fun, they are still limited. Spore Origins is a decent casual play, but there really isn’t enough content or varied gameplay for this to be a lasting and worthwhile experience.


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