Star Hogs: Online & Campaign Battles Review

By , on July 7, 2009

Star Hogs: Online & Campaign Battles
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4 out of 5


  • Fully online gameplay (Wi-fi, 3G, Edge) with up to 4 players.
  • Great customisation options for your Hog.
  • Great music and soundtrack options.


  • Controls can take a little time to master.
  • Game price may seem a bit steep for some.


Star Hogs is the game that the Worms iPhone port should have been. So if you want a Worms type game on your iPhone, invest in Star Hogs. It’s well worth the steep current price.

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Star Hogs is a Worms style shooting game, where players go head to head against other spaceships, known as Hogs, in fierce, explosion filled battles. If you’ve ever played Worms, you’ll know the type of gameplay to expect. Cash is earned from wins that players then upgrade their weapons, defences and other components in order to create the ultimate Hog.

Players control their Hog’s movement, weapon choices and attacks by tapping various buttons with their finger. Players aim their weapons by selecting the angle of their shot and firing by holding a power button until they have the desired weapon force. These adjustments are needed to try and maximise the damage with a direct and accurate hit.

The 3D visuals look great and are very detailed. The sound is exceptional and offers a bunch of different music tracks along with a diverse range of sound effects. Players also have the option to use iPod music during gameplay. Along with the single player campaign and practice, there are a number of online multiplayer options available to players, meaning you’ll always have someone to verse.

If you are a fan of Worms, then this game would be a great buy for you. The customisation options are a fun addition and will certainly keep players returning for more gold and upgrades. The controls can take some time to master, but they work well. This game has a ton of content and with the varied gameplay modes, there’s plenty of ship blasting fun waiting for players to experience.


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