Str8ts 6x6 Review

By , on September 19, 2009

Str8ts 6x6
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3 out of 5


  • Four difficulties to choose from, each with 200 different levels to play.
  • Similar, but more involved gameplay than Sudoku.
  • Players can access their iPod during gameplay.


  • Players can fly through the game using the ‘check’ button to check for the right answers.
  • The game instructions are quite confusing and take some time to understand; especially if you’re unfamiliar with Sudoku.


If you love Sudoku then you will have some fun with this re-imagining, otherwise you might want to avoid Str8ts 6x6.

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Str8ts 6x6 is a self proclaimed Sudoku rival that follows similar rules but varies it up a bit. To simplify the game’s involved rules and instructions, the game is a much larger scale version of Sudoku, where players will have to place numbers in a 6x6 grid, rather than a 3x3 grid. Each number can only be used once in each column and row, and players must fill in all spaces on the game board to complete the level.

To place numbers, players tap on a square and then tap on the number to place it. You will be given some numbers to start from so that the game’s not impossible but then it’s up to you to figure out the rest. The game is quite involved and although there is a tutorial mode, unless you have an understanding of how to play Sudoku, you might be lost.

The visuals and sound are both quite basic but the focus is more on the gameplay. Players can however use their iPod during gameplay if they want to. The game features one main mode but players can choose from four different difficulties, each with 200 levels of play to complete.

It’s not hard to see that Str8ts is a game for fans of Sudoku. If the game sounds like fun to you then it probably will be. For the rest of the casual gamers or other people who have only heard of Sudoku or know nothing about it, then it’s safe to say you will not enjoy Str8ts, try a different game.


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