Block Drop Review

By , on August 7, 2009

Block Drop®
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4 out of 5


  • The game’s presentation and music is very relaxing.
  • Players can use their iPod during gameplay.


  • No timer or highscore display to keep track of player progress.
  • The game is more personal than competitive in nature.


If you want a puzzle game to unwind with, rather than ripping your hair out in frustration, then Block Drop is worth a look at.

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Block Drop is a serene puzzle game where players must navigate a small diamond on top of a series of blocks to make it to the finish block. Players will have to jump over gaps and work out the correct path or risk falling into the water below and restarting the level.

You control your diamond by using the on-screen d-pad to jump one space. By holding down the small square on the other side of the screen, players can jump two spaces. Players will need to use both in order to progress through the game’s multitude of levels.

The visuals and audio mix together to create a tranquil and calming game experience for the player. But players have the option to turn off the game music and use their iPod if they want to. The game features the one main puzzle mode and while there are highscore options, there are no in-game displays to show how players are doing or what score they currently have, which is quite odd for a puzzle game.

Block Drop is a gentle yet challenging game with emphasis on casual play. And while the game is fun to play, some people may not like the slower gameplay and game style. The limited, almost hidden, highscore options may also confuse and deter the more hardcore puzzle players. But if you enjoy games with more focus on personal play than competitive, you may enjoy the comfortable gameplay on offer.


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