By , on October 20, 2009

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5 out of 5


  • The same Rock Band gameplay that you know and love on the iPhone.
  • Local Wi-fi multiplayer access and Facebook score posting.
  • Option to purchase additional songs, on top of the game's existing 15 songs.


  • No customisation options available.
  • Because of the new format, the instruments aren’t that different from each other; each instrument has four buttons to play with.


If you’re a fan of Rock Band, and can get over the steep current price, then there’s plenty on offer to keep you entertained.

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Rock Band is the brand new port of the popular console music and rhythm game of the same name. But if for some reason, you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, players pick one of 4 available instruments and must hit the dropping notes in time to the music.

For each instrument, players must tap on the correct button as the note drops into place. Players will be able to use overdrive for a double score multiplier by shaking the device. If you’ve played any music or rhythm game before, you’ll know what to expect in the way of controls. The only issue is that because players don’t have the large instrument peripherals of the consoles, each instrument is quite similar to play.

The game is presented in the same visual style as the console versions, using the same screens and menus. The sound features a lot of familiar menu sounds and features about 15 initial songs to play through, with the option to purchase additional songs via the store. Along with the career mode, players can also play multiplayer via Wi-fi connection and can post scores to Facebook.

If you’re a fan of Rock Band, then you’ll want to check out this new port for the iPhone. The gameplay is as you remember it and almost everything you love is still on offer. The game excludes the various customisation options, big rock finishes and large song selection that made the console version so popular. But you will still enjoy what’s on offer and the different play modes available to you.


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