Stick-Fu Review

By , on October 14, 2009

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2 out of 5


  • Players are able to use their iPod during gameplay.
  • Players are able to continue their game if they close the application.


  • Button masher gameplay with little to no player skill required.
  • Player animations often won’t work.
  • The gameplay is incredibly repetitive (Fight 4-5 enemies then a slightly larger boss every level).


Stick Fu is not worth the current price and would work better as one of the thousands of flash games available online than an iPhone release.

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Stick Fu is a side-scrolling fighter game consisting of stick figures and, to be blunt, a non-existent story line. You must travel around the city defeating other stick figures and level bosses using an array of punches, kicks and various special moves.

Players attack by using the two on screen buttons, one for standard attacks and one for special attacks. The special attacks can only be used once the player’s combo meter is filled but it takes no time to fill up. The game also encourages players to dodge and evade attacks by double tapping the on screen directional buttons in the direction you want.

As the title suggests, the game’s visuals consist of simple stick figures and players shouldn’t expect anything revolutionary. The game’s sound is decent but players are free to create their own custom iPod playlists. Stick Fu’s main mode is single player only but gives players access to local and online leaderboards.

Stick Fu seems to be a small fish in a very large pond. With the constant release of new and impressive iPhone games, cruder games like this might not be able to hold its own against other higher quality titles. The gameplay tends to rely too much on button mashing and while stickman visuals can often compliment a game’s charm, Stick Fu is not one of those games. The basic gameplay and non-concept hold the game back and give the game an online flash game feel, rather than an iPhone game.


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