Swingaling Review

By , on October 9, 2009

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3 out of 5


  • Easy to use and simple control scheme.
  • Local highscore options with access to OpenFeint for leaderboards.
  • Family friendly gameplay; accessible to all aged players.


  • Focus on slower gameplay will not go down well with the impatient, fast gamers of today.
  • A lot of unused elements in the game, the visuals and audio could have been improved upon.
  • Players cannot quickly jump back into action, which distracts and takes players out of the game.


If you’re a fan of Rope’n’Fly but don’t like the fast paced speed of it, then you’ll have some fun with this minimalist clone; Swingaling.

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Swinglaling is a Rope’n’Fly clone replacing the stick figure character with a small monkey like creature. Your goal is to swing as far as possible using low hanging tree branches to grab onto. The further you go, the higher your score will be and the more obstacles will appear to try and throw you off.

You swing off each new branch by tapping on them to keep going. Players are recommended to swing a bit slower in order to keep going as far as possible as you may swing out of control if you attempt a new speed record. This is fine but encouraging slow gameplay isn’t going to win them any fan favourite awards.

Visually the game is solid but the majority of the screen consists of a bare background, with a focus on the top eighth of the screen until enemies come into play. The sound is a little too simple, consisting of sound effects and nothing more. And without the option of playing music from your iPod, you might want to sing during play. Players are also unable to replay instantly; you MUST enter a name, submit your highscore, exit to the main menu and then select play after EVERY game.

Swingaling is a decent title but unnecessarily lacks some gameplay excitement. The encouragement for slow play and lack of timer means someone who plays leisurely can do as well, or better than, a quick roper. Also there is a lot of unused screen and sound space that could have been utilized here. But if you’re looking for an easier alternative to Rope’n’Fly, then you might enjoy Swingaling.


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