Cows In Space Review

By , on September 17, 2009

Cows In Space
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3 out of 5


  • Humorous concept and gameplay.
  • The game will throw you some real difficulty curveballs from time to time.
  • The game is easy to play thanks to a solid control scheme.


  • The gameplay is not as varied as some other puzzle games out there; only one main game mode.
  • No leaderboard options currently available, the game is more focused on self challenge.


If you’re looking for some fresh puzzle gameplay, or consider yourself the Saviour of Cows, then check out Cows in Space.

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Cows in Space is a light and unusual puzzle game from developer Donut Games. It seems that all of Earth's cows have somehow been transported deep into space and its now up to you to teleport them back to the green grassy fields of Earth. You must do this by knocking them into the teleported bubbles that are floating around with them in space.

By sliding your spaceship around and tapping on the screen, players can launch a ball in hopes of knocking the cows into the stars, or vice versa. While your main goal is to save all the cows with the set amount of balls at your disposal, you will also have to try and max out your highscore for each level to get the best star rating. The amount of points earned is determined by how far you knock the cows around; they will lose oxygen the further they go and your score will be lowered.

The cartoony visuals are well done and it’s always fun to see cows floating around space helplessly. The sound adds to the humour of the game as cows moo intensely as they’re launched around each level. The game features one main mode and it’s up to players to complete each level as best as they can to beat their own highscores.

Cows in Space is a quirky puzzler with some deceptively challenging gameplay. The visual presentation is great, as are most Donut Games releases and although there may not be as much content here as some other games, it’s still a great casual play that you can jump into at anytime.


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