Dinosaur Slayer Review

By , on March 19, 2010

Dinosaur Slayer
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4 out of 5


  • Epic boss fights.
  • Tonnes of special effects.
  • Excellent aiming system.


  • Brutally unforgiving early in to the game
  • Requires manual saves to continue.


Unless you're annoyed by challenging fights there's not a lot to fault with Dinosaur Slayer, just keep a healthy song playlist queued up.

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Dinosaur Slayer by Project Soul wants nothing more than to crush you. Players will find this game quite literally hit-or-miss. Bow-defense fans will get a great new challenge while new players to the genre will find the controls much more forgiving to learn.

For most levels there's not a lot out of the ordinary from a standard bow-defense game. Each 'stage' consists of wave after wave of enemies, each with their own quirk to defend against. Arrows are fired by touching the screen to set a trajectory and holding down to set the firing power. While this is not as immediately responsive as the standard touch-and-draw-back used in other games, it's far more accurate and provides a consistent way to range your attacks.

There's a lot of depth to maintaining your castle, with an upgrade tree to unlock features like engineers to repair the castle mid-battle, harvesters to collect meat and feed your troops and a handful of magic and weapon upgrades. The real highlight are the boss battles that provide are a real threat and can't simply be spammed-through to survive. The lack of music is sadly all too noticeable, though iTunes is supported.

Dinosaur Slayer is a bow-defense game that tries admirably to revive interest in the genre. From its Patapon-inspired art to it's epic boss fights this game is a class act that's hard to pass up on.


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