Sumbu Review

By , on September 13, 2009

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2 out of 5


  • Players have the option to use their iPod during gameplay.
  • The game has bright and vibrant cartoony visuals.


  • The game is very repetitive and, quite frankly, dull.
  • No player immersion whatsoever, you are very aware that you are playing a game.
  • Very weak concept for an iPhone game.


Blowing up and popping bubbles in real life is a far more enjoyable and cheaper than Sumbu. This game isn’t worth the current price.

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Sumbu is a touch controlled iPhone game where players must tap a series of bubble containing scores and multipliers in order to reach the required score to finish the level. Players must chain bubbles that have the same numbers or shapes inside them in order to max out your highscore.

Players tap on each bubble to pop them but must watch out for bubbles that will hinder your gameplay, such as armoured bubbles. You’ll be given a certain number of bubbles to pop in order to reach the required level highscore. If you fail to reach that score and run out of bubbles you’ll use your ‘joker’; a rubber duck that acts as an extra life.

The game’s bright and vibrant visuals are very well done as is the sound. Players also have the option to use their iPod during gameplay, which is always a welcomed addition. The game features one main mode featuring an endless style game, and once players lose the game, their highscores can be submitted to leaderboards via OpenFeint.

Unfortunately, Sumbu is a very weak game and hold no real merit or value. It doesn’t quite fit into a game genre neatly. The streak hunting gameplay could be classed as puzzle, but the game requires very little thought process on the half of the player. Visually the game is quite good, but the lacklustre gameplay and poor concept make the game quite a poor play and one that isn’t worth your time.


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