3D SFCave Review

By , on October 20, 2009

3D SFCave
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3 out of 5


  • Multiple well balanced game modes.


  • No style to the gameplay.
  • Very cold graphic design.


It's hard to approach some high-scoring arcade games and simply claim them as "fun". Challenge is often in itself fun for gamers and 3D SFCave presents several variations that are almost hypnotic to repeat.

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Sunflat Games have been making their name releasing miniature games on the iPhone, most notably with their range of games in the Papi franchise. 3D SFCave is their first departure from the Papi games on the iPhone and while it may tickle the old-school bone of some gamers, it may be a little too spartan for everyone to enjoy.

3D SFCave is another high-score arcade game that comes in several variations varying from changing the controls to changing the challenge you face. Ultimately the aim is to navigate your hurtling ship through a cave that is steadily closing in on you, hopefully avoiding any obstacles placed in your way. The game-mode chosen dictates the controls used, resulting in either touching the screen to elevate your ship or tilting to steer back and forth, both being very responsive.

In 3D mode, the game uses a very simple vector shaded 3D environment; and in 2D it uses a flat-vector shaded cave. There's no real style to this basic design, so it does feel somewhat lazy (especially considering the Papi games), but it doesn't affect the playability of the game.

3D SFCave is the sort of challenge game that generally presents little concern initially but quickly becomes a game that requires precise split-second accuracy. For those hunting for something a little bit different in their high-score gaming, this app presents several subtle (but still significantly different) modes of play to keep you busy.


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