By , on July 1, 2009

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2 out of 5


  • Good looking and varied visual presentation.
  • There are some decent weapon and accessory customisation options.
  • The game has plenty of levels to play through; around 30 or so.


  • The game’s controls are very hard to use properly, even after adjusting tilt sensitivity.
  • Some of the voice acting in the cut-scenes is pretty bad.
  • The game’s loading between binoculars and rifle is very distracting.


Shooter is a game that has a strong presentation and potential but is ultimately let down by it’s hard to use controls and difficult gameplay.

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Shooter is the next movie adaptation for the iPhone, this time cashing in on the Shooter franchise. You play as a Special Forces sniper as you complete a number of missions, taking out numerous targets from far away using your high powered sniper rifle. The game offers two modes; story (which is loosely based off the film) and arcade (for some casual play).

The gameplay itself comprises of two parts; finding your targets using binoculars and then taking them out with the sniper rifle. You’ll have to locate and lock onto a target's location before you can start shooting. There are some beefy loading times between these two events however and seem like a constant reminder that you’re playing a game.

The game uses tilt controls and while this seems like a good idea in a sniper game, they just don’t work well here. And for a game that requires pin-point accuracy, you’ll wish for some better controls after a short while and some failed missions. Visually however, the game looks great and the environments and enemies are varied enough to keep things fresh. The sound is decent but some of the voice acting is quite poor and players cannot use their iPod during gameplay.

If you absolutely loved the film, then Shooter the official game might be worth a look at. While it may not be the most streamlined or sleek sniper shooting game on the market, it does offer some moderate gameplay; and hopefully you can get past the game’s weak control scheme to enjoy what’s on offer here.


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