XenoWars:REBUILT Review

By , on October 2, 2009

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3 out of 5


  • Flawless combination of the two genres/gameplay.
  • Leaderboard access via OpenFeint.
  • Players are able to continue their games if the application is exited.


  • The game may be a bit too easy for some players.
  • There is only one main game mode to play through.


If you’re one who loves mixed genre, RTS or gem matching games, then XenoWars is a worthwhile and enjoyable purchase.

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If you’re one who enjoys unit building tower defence games, such as Cartoon Wars, and gem matching puzzle games, like Bejeweled, then today is your lucky day. Players will find themselves juggling these two game styles in order to create units to send out to battle but earn additional mana and gold by playing through the gem puzzle on the side of the screen.

You do so by tapping or sliding two gems to swap them so they make a sequence of three or more, earning various bonuses, such as gold, mana or health. You will also need to send out and mobilise your army if you want to destroy the enemy castle across the map. Players do so by clicking on the unit portrait at the bottom of the screen. While the idea of mixing these two seems a bit odd, the game controls very well and adds an extra dimension to gameplay.

The visuals are restricted to stick figures but unit do have a certain bony charm to them. The music is quite exciting but only for the first 5 seconds of play, when it drops out mysteriously. But players are free to use their iPod as well. The game is single player only and gives players access to leaderboards via OpenFeint.

XenoWars is a great mix of real time strategy and gem matching gameplay for the iPhone. The gameplay is a blast to play and the two game styles match together seamlessly, but the game is a bit easier than you’d expect it to be. However, if you’re a fan of either genre, then look to XenoWars for some addictive and enjoyable gameplay.


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