Solitaire Siege Review

By , on August 20, 2009

Solitaire Siege
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3 out of 5


  • Randomized levels balanced with fun new gameplay.
  • Classic "Pyramid" included.


  • Visually off-putting.
  • Inaccurate touch controls.


It's always great to sit back and relax with a good solitaire game, only realizing that time has dripped by without any knowledge of where it went. BadBumble have made a great game with only a few changes to a classic pastime.

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Solitaire games are practically married to mobile phones. It's a partnership that makes sense as they're just digital versions of games almost everyone learns to play in one form or another. Solitaire Siege is BadBumble's take on Pyramid for the iPhone, adding new gameplay elements to keep the game interesting while also bundling the classic game and an arcade game as a bonus.

As a simple card game, you only need to tap the cards on screen. This would be hard to mess up, but sometimes the game feels unresponsive and refuses to acknowledge some taps. This isn't helped by the fact that there's nothing visual to tell you if you've made an incorrect selection which can make learning the game hard for new players as the help menu reads more like a complicated set of rules (which is exactly what it is).

Siege uses custom cards that use 3D art to replace classic card designs. They're amusing at first, but an option to use normal cards would have been nice. The new gameplay involves new pyramid formations and players are required to take out enemy soldiers (cards) to complete the map. There are power-ups and obstacles to overcome, making each level challenging and fun to play.

Despite its flaws, Solitaire Siege is a solid package that gives far more than you'd expect for a simple solitaire game. It's great value for money and a great time waster.


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