Airline conqueror Review

By , on September 19, 2009

Airline conqueror
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2 out of 5


  • Some good landmark and destination integration to the game map.
  • Players are able to submit highscores to the global leaderboards.
  • The game, like most line drawing games, is very easy to control and play.


  • The game sound design isn’t fantastic and there is no iPod access as an alternative. 
  • The game doesn’t offer anything original or unique to the line drawing genre.
  • There is only one main game mode and map.


Airline Conqueror is a decent attempt at the line drawing genre but sadly doesn’t provide players with anything new and exciting.

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Airline Conqueror is a line drawing game where player must direct planes and other air traffic around the world. You’ll need to safely guide the planes to their destinations without any mid-air collisions or you’ll lose the game.

Players control their planes by tapping on them and drawing a line for them to take. You can also adjust plane routes mid flight by redrawing their flight path, and once more planes come into play, this will be a necessity. If you’ve played any line drawing iPhone games before, you’ll know what to expect.

The visual presentation is decent and features some well known destinations and landmarks. The game sound is adequate and could definitely use iPod integration to help break up the slower style gameplay. There is only one main mode but players do have the option to submit highscores to the global leaderboards for a ranking.

Airline Conqueror is a decent line drawing game but isn’t one that you’ll struggle to put down. The gameplay can be a bit slow at times and besides an increase in planes, there isn’t much else to keep players interested. The game itself plays fine but just lacks that certain spark of ingenuity that all great games have. However, if you’re a die hard line drawing fan then this might be worth a look at.


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