Medieval Review

By , on July 12, 2009

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3 out of 5


  • Great looking visuals with loads of fine detail.
  • Players are free to use their iPod during gameplay, to fill the music-less silence.
  • The game offers a few decent control schemes for players to choose from.


  • The sensitivity when choosing weapons is a bit ‘iffy’ at times.
  • The gameplay can get very repetitive but that’s to be expected from a tower defence game.
  • The game isn’t all that appealing at the first play; it doesn’t grab your attention with anything new or exciting.


Medieval provides players with a slow build up to some enjoyable gameplay, followed by a slow decline back down again. Regardless, the game provides enough value for money and is worth the current price.

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Medieval is yet another bow and arrow tower defence game for the iPhone. Players must either capture the enemy flag or destroy the enemy castle to secure a glorious victory. You’ll earn gold by slaying enemy troops, which you can use to purchase upgrades and train your own units.

Players shoot their bow by tapping on it and dragging their finger back as if to pull the bow string. Or an auto-fire control scheme can be selected from the options menu, where players tap the area they want to fire at. Once purchased, weapon upgrades can be used by selecting them from the bottom of the screen. You’ll need to juggle each upgrade as they have different charge times and effects.

The visuals are incredibly detailed. Everything from the small units, to the backgrounds themselves are smooth and full of intricacies. The sound effects are good, but as there’s no music, you might find yourself bored on occasion. The game features one main mode but the repetitive nature of the game is broken up by the varying the level environments.

Medieval is a game that you'll learn to love. At first glance, the game is just another bow tower defence game but it’s not until you get about half an hour into it that you’ll start to enjoy it; this isn’t good. A great game should immediately draw you in, not slowly win you over after you’ve trudged through a number of levels. But if you’re a tower defence junkie, then Medieval will provide you with some cheap thrills, at least for a while.


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