Flight Control Review

By , on July 1, 2009

Flight Control
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4 out of 5


  • Simple and addictive.
  • Low price point.


  • Lack of features.
  • Random elements.


An easy to pick up game that takes a lot of time and dedication to master. Not surprisingly it's stayed at the top of the app store list for so long.

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Flight Control is a combination of simple gameplay, and slowly raising difficulty. Each of the three airfields has a runway for a red plane, a yellow plane and one or more helicopters. A flight path has to be drawn for each of them so they safely land on the their runways. As the game continues, more aircraft appear on screen. If any two aircraft crash, it's game over.

The planes and copters are controlled by drawing their flight path on the screen with your finger. At any time, you can change their flightpath, so the game slowly morphs into a challenge of micromanagement as more aircraft appear. There is a high amount of luck involved however as you never know where the new aircraft are going to emerge and if they will plow right into a flight path you've laid down.

The visuals and sounds accompany the gameplay and do not interfere at all. The planes are coloured and easily recognizable, as are the runways. The sound is minimal, with warning sirens being a greatful addition when two aircraft are set on a collision course. There are three airfields to choose from, as well as a multiplayer mode, where you can send planes to land on the other player's screen.

Flight Control offers fast, and fun gameplay. At the beginning of the game, it will be a quick diversion, but you might quickly find yourself playing over and over again, as you bcome more skilled at leading the aircraft to its destination. If you enjoy skill based gaming at its simplest, give this a try.


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