Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders Review

By , on December 4, 2012

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
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5 out of 5


  • Plenty of control optimizations and tweaks to make life as easy or nuanced as you like.
  • Varied scenarios set in beautifully rendered locations; from rolling hills to storm covered oceans, it highlights the joy of flying.


  • Arcade gameplay messes with the overwhelming sense of realism; a minor qualm at best.


Storm Raiders brings the Sky Gamblers series back to the classic era of dogfights, pairing gorgeous visuals and rock-solid controls to create the perfect arcade singleplayer or multiplayer flight sim experience.

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Storm Raiders by Atypical Games and Revo Solutions has been given a huge visual overhaul, giving the Sky Gamblers series exactly what it needed to remain the best in show. Considering previous titles had almost perfected flight simulator gameplay for the iOS platform, pairing the game up with famous locations, rendered in gorgeous detail and polished with high resolution textures makes this a must-have all on is own.

However, leaving the review there would skip over important details, not the least of which is the huge selection of options when it comes to game types. In singleplayer alone you can select from the comprehensive campaign mode; dogflight missions; or survival mode. This is further bulked up by AI driven offline multiplayer modes that mirror the online selection of Last Man Standing; Free for all; Free flight; Team Deathmatch; Capture the flag; and Defend the Base.

Finding a game couldn't be easier either, with local Wifi, Online, and Game Center options available for pairing players.

Of course all of this juicy content would be for naught if the controls weren't up to scratch - thankfully Storm Raiders has you covered on that front too. Most players will want to stick with the accelerometer modes, a tilt-based control system that's razor sharp in its movement detection. To minimize touch-screen use, the game utilizes a unique 'virtual stick' system with the simulator mode to moderate acceleration and deceleration, along with the yaw. Other control options include the use of control pads, as well as 'casual' variations that assist the players by providing 'automatic stabilization' options.

Ultimately, the rich selection of features in Storm Raiders comes about as a result of the success of its previous iterations, but the addition of high quality graphics lends a sense of realism and jaw-dropping engagement otherwise missing from Rise Of Glory. There's an unmistakable Arcade-like feel to the gameplay that may put pure simulator enthusiasts on edge, but the immediacy of the action and simplicity of controlling your plane (and wingmen alike) will keep most other players hanging around for hours.

A great addition to an already great series, and definitely worth checking out.


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