Chocolate Shop Frenzy Review

By , on July 1, 2009

Chocolate Shop Frenzy
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3 out of 5


  • Pleasing visuals.
  • Simple Interface.


  • Too streamlined.


Chocolate Shop Frenzy has tried to steamline the time management genre to make upgrading easier, but in doing so has removed one of the incentives of continued play.

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Digital Chocolate have released a time management game, and funnily enough, it's in a chocolate shop. In Chocolate Shop Frenzy, you have to run your chocolate shop for an entire year, making a cash quota every day by serving customers what they want before they get mad and leave your store. How does it compare to other games in the genre though?

Like most of these games, control is all done via touch of a finger. Touch a machine to create chocolates, touch a customer to serve them, touch their money to collect it. The days get more and more hectic and the orders get more and more advanced, and at the end of each month you play a quick Bejeweled game to uncover a new chocolate recipe. Unlike most time management games, all the upgrades to your store are done automatically. While this keeps each level interesting, it makes the idea of reaching that expert cash quota kind of redundant, as you have nothing to spend it on.

The game has a pleasing art style and everything is easily distinguishable. Aside from story mode, there is endless mode, and a list of trophies and achievements. Also, the story mode actually has a story that unfolds the more you play. Nothing spectacular, but a nice addition.

Chocolate Shop Frenzy is an interesting addition to the time management genre. It will appeal to fans of this game type, but is a much more simplistic game than those that came before it. Still, the game's pace is such that you'll want to keep playing.


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