Cocoto Magic Circus Review

By , on March 8, 2010

Cocoto Magic Circus
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3 out of 5


  • Good amount of content (especially with multiplayer).
  • Creepy clown.


  • Lacking variety.


While aimed at a younger audience, Cocoto Magic Circus should entertain fans of games like the Point Blank series.

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The Point Blank series brings back a lot of memories. Many a mini game built around shooting a quota of enemies or completing some other shooting objective made for some entertaining gameplay. Cocoto Magic Circus is such a game. Your fairy friend has been kidnapped by an evil clown and it's up to Cocoto and his friends to brave the circus to get her back.

All of the mini games involve shooting with the tap of your finger. Some games have you shooting enemies, some have you shooting specific targets, and others have you shooting to protect the fairy from creepy crawlies. During the games, there are many balloons that can be popped with positive and negative results. Some offer time bonuses and slow motion while others can flip the game screen around, making it harder to complete your objective.

The game utilizes a cell shaded 3D art style that looks decent for the characters, but is kind of lacklustre for the levels themselves. The sounds and music are what you'd expect from a circus themed game and compliment the gameplay well. There are thirty five mini games over five worlds, plus a multiplayer mode with global competition.

Cocoto Magic Circus is a game aimed at a younger audience, but offers some fun gameplay and a decent amount of content. While it does not contain the mini game variety of the Point Blank series, those looking for a shooting gallery game will not be disappointed.


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