LAD Review

By , on September 13, 2012

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2 out of 5


  • Eerie visual design; if somewhat lacking in originality.


  • Game physics make it impossible to play with confidence; everything feels slow, sticky and counter-intuitive.


Don't be fooled by its appearance - LAD may look like Limbo, but it's more gaming purgatory than heaven.

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We see it all the time on the App Store - copycat concepts that is - and while it's not unique to this specific creative industry, it's hard to be as forgiving when the final product isn't even playable. LAD by Black Chair Games takes a swipe at Limbo with its shadowed-platforming motif, but absurd physics make it all but a frustrating mess to play.

Your woes will begin with the menu interface and slowly spiral downwards from there. On a positive note the control layout is a simple one to learn and adapt to - touching either side of the screen moves you in that direction, while touching both at the same time will make you jump. It's not perfect, but it has been used well in other games.

Sadly LAD is not so lucky as you first have to deal with the confusing way in which your character slowly builds momentum, as though trying to sprint through a nightmare, only to have all forward movement scrubbed the moment you jump. Trying to maneuver in the air (if you can even stay up long enough) is impossible, and should you encounter a ledge you'll probably have to spam the jump button to get over its lip as it's not uncommon to get momentarily stuck on the wall, once again curbing your momentum.

LAD may look the part, but as a platformer it can't get something as simple as jumping to feel fun, making it an easy title to avoid.


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