Flick Runner Review

By , on August 27, 2009

Flick Runner
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3 out of 5


  • Easy to control.
  • Quick to master.
  • Listen to your own music.


  • Difficulty is inconsistant.
  • No sound effects.


Flick Runner is a nice game in concept however the controls and layout of the environment can often lead to deaths that are outside of your control. As such, Flick Runner more often than not leads to frustration rather than a challenge.

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Flick Runner is a simple pickup and play game by Nine Orchards.

Set in the backdrop of a moonlit city, Flick Runner bases itself around the tried and true nature of side scrolling games. Unlike many similar games however, moving your character across the screen is handled automatically, leaving you with the task of jumping and ducking. Sliding your finger upwards will make him jump and sliding down will make him duck. As your flick runner moves through the environment you have to duck and dodge obstacles. The longer you survive the higher your eventual score will be.

Flick Runner's visual style is pleasantly simplictic and thankfully each obstacle is easily identifiable. Unfortunately there are no sound effects whatsoever so you're forced to play in silence or with your own music.

Outside of 2 difficulty settings and a local scoreboard Flick Runner is light on features. Easy difficulty is a little too easy and could potentially last forever if you have the patience, while Hard difficulty seems too hard at points and some obstacles become impossible to avoid.

These issues unfortunately hold back Flick Runner from what it could have been. Several control issues and difficulty quirks will prevent you from enjoying this game.


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