Backbreaker Football Review

By , on September 30, 2009

Backbreaker Football
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5 out of 5


  • Amazing "NaturalMotion" animation.
  • Unlockable content.


  • Limited customisation options.
  • Basic iTunes support.


If you've accidentally picked up this game looking for the latest and greatest NFL game you might think you've been tricked, but after playing Backbreaker Football you'll be happy you made the mistake. This is an arcade game that shows off your iPhone while being insanely addictive.

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Visceral thumps, jukes, spins and show-boating. That's what Backbreaker Football by NaturalMotion is all about. Each tackle you take will make you wince and each triumphant touchdown will have you laughing at your opponents. For a game that takes a single aspect of a national sport like NFL, it manages to be - dare I say it - addictive for everyone to play.

Backbreaker has turned running the ball for a touchdown into an arcade sport and the controls couldn't be simpler. Around the lower corners of the screen are buttons to sprint, show-boat, juke and spin. Each of the buttons are responsive and the accelerometer controls used to control the speed and turn of your character require almost no time to learn.

There's no music in game, even though a grinding track wrestles your ears in the menu, but that just gives you more time to appreciate the amazing graphics on display for your iPhone. The animation is fluid and each tackle will have you wishing there was a way to save the replays. Challenge modes will be your primary form of gameplay, though the 50 wave Endurance Mode is where the real challenge is at.

This isn't your typical sports game, in fact besides using NFL set pieces it could very well be a man running punishing gauntlet. Backbreaker Football is a must buy arcade game in every sense of the word as it continues to step up the challenge while you gladly take the punishment - because in its own little way, losing is just as rewarding as making that touchdown.


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