Chroma Circuit Review

By , on September 19, 2009

Chroma Circuit
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2 out of 5


  • Simple controls and matching aesthetic design, beautiful to see.


  • No real game features that match an iPhone audience (not even a pause/menu button).


Chroma Circuit is a genuinely interesting puzzle concept re-done for the iPhone. What it isn't is something that will absorb your time, because it feels more like an extended IQ test than a game.

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Some games are never truly "finished"; some games suffer from finishing touches never being applied; Chroma Circuit is a puzzle game for the iPhone from Bowler Hat Games that should have spent more time in development, because what's left is certainly half-completed and feels more like a test version of a grander idea.

Chroma Circuit (as the name uncannily implies) relies on you creating a path of matching colors using the rotating blocks arranged in each level. Or more precisely, ensuring that every piece touches another piece of the same color. This is done by touching a piece and dragging left or right to rotate the piece (and subsequently increasing the move counter). Sadly the controls are imprecise and the rotation animation is so jerky that it's hard to tell what direction you moved it in.

Worse still is the lack of any concession to the fact that this is actually a game for the iPhone (or indeed a game at all). Highscores are only saved once all 30 levels are completed and no way to select previously completed levels is presented. New games will erase the progress of a game already started, rendering the continue button as nothing more than a glorified "pause".

The puzzles themselves are genuinely intriguing and the concept is simple and could be an addictive puzzle game with some very simple changes. However, this is the game as uploaded and as such Chroma Circuit is "finished".


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