Cooking Dash Deluxe Review

By , on August 8, 2009

Cooking Dash Deluxe
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4 out of 5


  • Fun atmosphere and artwork.
  • Custom iPhone music playlist.


  • New restaurants are generally just artwork swaps, not new gameplay.


When games start to feel too similar to each other it's nice to find something that stands out from the "me too" copies. Playfirst have done an excellent job here and fans of the genre will definitely get a kick from it.

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Playfirst have made their mark on the iPhone with their time management games and Cooking Dash is their latest foray following their previous works, Diner Dash and Wedding Dash. This is by far one of best looking games they've produced and the gameplay shows how much Playfirst have grown since their earlier attempts.

Like most time management games, it's a basic tap system to select objects in the play area to prepare or serve the food for your customers, which are seated by dragging them to one of the placements available. One major flaw of these games is the tendency to badly design the layout or buttons, resulting in incorrect or otherwise ignored taps, but barring a couple positioning problems this was well done.

This is definitely one of the better presented games from Playfirst, with the artwork being clear and easy to identify while still keeping to its cute art style. You will want to keep a keen eye on your customers though, their "finished dining" animation can get obscured by other customers.

It may not have the budget or artwork of a high profile time management game like the Sally's series, but Cooking Dash is just as fun and brings its own spin on customer satisfaction. The challenge ramps up quickly, though you're never left feeling like the game is out to purposefully beat you. This is a gem in the genre.


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