The Hero - 2nd Edition Review

By , on March 9, 2010

The Hero - 2nd Edition
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4 out of 5


  • Quick-paced gameplay and an amusing story.
  • Amazing "golden era" comic art style.
  • Perfectly implemented touch and tilt controls.


  • Fairly short campaign, even with two difficulty levels.


The Hero puts you in control of the penultimate superhero who's only challenge is to avoid being unpopular, so try not to blow up too many cars while saving babies from the zombie plague.

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So, imagine you're a super hero. Of course you're invincible; have crazy super powers like flying, freeze rays and super speed; and without a doubt you're covered in spandex. Enter, The Hero by Chillingo and Traplight Games - an action title that finds you in the role of a superhero attempting to save the world while sparing the time to give his fans a high-five or two.

In each of the game's levels you must defend the city from a plague of attacks ranging from basic fires to insect infestations or the occasional dropped baby.  Stick or tilt based controls will smoothly maneuver your hero around the level, but while the stick is far more accurate and extremely useful at higher difficulty levels, flying around with th`e tilt controls is a whole bag of fun that the stick can't compare to.

The art is simply gorgeous with its 2.5D cell-shaded graphics that are paired with amazingly well designed hand-drawn background art. iTunes isn't supported for background music, but with its cheesy classic "heroic" themes it'd almost be blasphemy to try listening to anything else. Besides the story mode there is an endless-gameplay option and for those who own a 3GS the graphics can be boosted for smoother animations.

The Hero is a class act, from its frantic gameplay that has you charging around endlessly to save the seemingly oblivious citizens to its amazing art style that is never dull to behold. This is a must try game for anyone after a game to truly show off their Touch device.


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