Critical Wave Review

By , on March 9, 2010

Critical Wave
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3 out of 5


  • Never a dull moment with constantly evolving gameplay.
  • Smooth, bright graphics and special effects.


  • Can get old fast even for shoot'em up veterans.


Critical Wave injects some much needed life in to a genre that's quickly becoming all too bland, but without more features it'll still be hard for it to stand out of the pack.

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Sometimes a game doesn't need to be too complicated to grab your attention. Critical Wave by Grannies Games may just be another twin-stick shooter with neon graphics, but with its unique gameplay and evolving level bosses it's hard to put down.

The controls are streamlined for the touch device with no wasted buttons in odd positions. Special weapons are deployed either by touching the outside edge of your weapon control stick or double tapping the stick for a secondary special attack. Gameplay is relatively simple, with waves of enemies being deployed before the level's final boss. Mini-bosses become a regular addition as you continue, but prove to be more of a roadblock than a challenge.

The graphics are slick and the music pumps out a quick-fire bass beat, but what really shines is the  boss growth. With each successive level the boss grows more armor, more weapons and quickly becomes a fortress that overwhelms the screen. For shoot'em up fans, it's almost reminiscent of the classic game Warning Forever by Hikoza T.

There are no extra features to support Critical Wave besides a simple difficulty switch for new games, but its ever-changing set of challenges will be more than enough to satisfy most casual and serious gamers.


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