By , on July 1, 2009

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4 out of 5


  • A simple board game done well.
  • Access to iTunes from the game menu.


  • Very few extra features.
  • A bare-bone offering.


There's very little else to say; If you love Scrabble or have wanted to play it, but never had the chance, this is a perfect portable option. Simple to play with friends without the mess of a board to clean up afterwards!

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Scrabble is an iconic board game that has been around 1938, popularised in the 50's and is almost globally known in its gameplay. Simplicity reigns supreme in EA's release of Scrabble on the iPhone and you couldn't expect anything less from such a simple, yet challenging game.

The letter tiles all use a simple drag and drop system for placement with the rest of the interface being responsive to simple touches. The iPhone has also been well considered by the use of a "Recall" button to pull back all the tiles currently placed down instead of dragging them back one at a time. For those of you having difficulty finding a word, the game does include the ability to have five free "best words" which may be necessary for those who don't know words like "antliae" as opening gambits.

The music is simple, but you'll be turning it off as soon as possible, which once again has been taken in to account as you can select from your own music library from the game itself. Multiplayer modes are available via "pass the phone" or over a local wi-fi network. The graphics are fairly standard for something as simple as a board game, but some care has been taken in ensuring the colors and feel of the tiles is kept from the physical version.

If you're a logophile then it'd be hard to pass up the iconic game of Scrabble on your iPhone. For everyone else, it's a perfect rendition of a simple board game on your iPhone that can keep you cemented as you struggle to find that one perfect word.


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