Blood Roofs Review

By , on September 17, 2012

Blood Roofs
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3 out of 5


  • Creepy Victorian atmosphere; dripping with ominously sharp and foreboding designs, as well as demons.
  • Unlockables add to the game significantly; new weapons/damsels as well as permanent upgrades speed up the gameplay.
  • Huge boss fights to conquer.


  • Dull, repetitive gameplay. Poor camera positioning.
  • Floaty, uncontrolled physics on jumping makes precision difficult/impossible.


Blood Roofs tries to push the endless runner in to a grander-scale, packing in huge locations and huge monsters, but it's all torn apart by the poor platforming controls that are pivotal to the success of such a title.

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You're beset by hordes of giant demonic monsters and you find a damsel in distress (albeit managing to survive without much trouble): What do you do? You rescue her, of course, and see how far you can run before the nightmares catch up to you.

This is Blood Roofs.

Much like other auto-runners of late, you'll find yourself diving in to the screen instead of going from side-to-side. The platforming element of the genre classics is retained as you jump between rooftop to rooftop, but in a twist you're also able to damage and even destroy enemies, earning coins and occasionally power-ups in the process. Run far enough and you'll encounter large boss-like creatures that shift the perspective, adding a sense of achievement as you bring them down and move on to new areas.

The only problem is your perspective is twisted as you move further away from the center of the zone you're in (say by jumping to a rooftop to your right), making it (at best) difficult or (at worst) impossible to judge your aim for firing weapons or jumping. The latter of these two problems is further exacerbated by jumping that's fixed in its height and extremely 'floaty'; it's all too easy to jump to avoid an obstacle, only to keep rising and slowly falling down a pit you could have otherwise avoided.

The pay-off for all of your efforts is a swag of coins that can be used to unlock bonuses, many of which are needed to bypass the starting areas or to provide permanent power-ups that make your journey easier. New 'damsels' can also be unlocked, providing a change in weaponry in the process.

Unfortunately Blood Roofs remains difficult to enjoy thanks to crooked perspective shifts and poor platforming controls - once these are solved there's no reason not to jump on board as the game nails its horrifying Victorian-esque atmosphere to a tea and the huge boss fights have to be seen to be believed.


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