10 Pin Shuffle™ Bowling Review

By , on July 1, 2009

10 Pin Shuffle Pro Bowling
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3 out of 5


  • With local 2-Player, wifi P2P and VS Computer modes, you’ll always have someone to play.
  • The 3D visuals are detailed and very well presented.
  • Enough content to ensure a high replay value.


  • Controls are almost too sensitive, and can be very hard to perfect.


If you enjoy bowling or shuffleboard, then this is one of the better games available. There’s enough here to keep both the fans and casual bowlers busy for a while.

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10 Pin Shuffle is a fully 3D version of bowling and shuffleboard for the iPhone. Players can play against the computer or against a local player in an attempt to prove who the better bowling or shuffleboard player is.

You bowl using your finger to line up your puck, and then flick then screen to make the shot. However, the controls are very hard to master. More often than not, your shot will either veer off target or miss completely because of the sensitivity of the controls. The only way to get a decent shot is to either adjust your angle to compensate or try and flick 90 degrees straight forward, which can be hard to do.

The fully 3D design visuals are great. The sound effects can often be disheartening, as the crowd boos and moans unless you get a 9 or a strike. There is no soundtrack, but players can use their iPod while they play. There’s a good amount of multiplayer options for this game; 2 player local play and online peer to peer play are available for both game modes.

It’s hard to make a handheld version of a game that relies so much on physical skill and movement, but 10 Pin Shuffle delivers on what it promises. While there are some minor issues, the gameplay is good and the many gameplay options will surely keep you entertained.


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