Stranded Without A Phone Review

By , on October 21, 2009

Stranded Without A Phone
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2 out of 5


  • Original and fresh game concept, use items around you to make new items and survive a desert island.
  • Players can use their iPod during gameplay.
  • Games are randomised every time you play a new game.


  • Constantly inventory juggling is a real hassle and slows down the gameplay.
  • The rate at which you lose health, nutrition and hydration seems too fast.
  • The game has a basic instructions section on the home screen but doesn’t explain everything.


While Stranded! is a very challenging puzzle game, the frustrating inventory, annoying sound and lack of proper instructions may leave you disappointed at your choice to purchase it.

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Stranded! is a puzzle game where players take control of an oddly shaped, old man as he waits to be rescued from the a deserted island. All you have available to you is what you find on the island. It’s up to you to collect various items and stay alive long enough to be rescued.

The gameplay consists of you walking around searching for items to combine into new and better items. For example, to make an axe you’ll need to combine a stick with twine and a sharp rock. This concept is great but as players are limited to a six slot inventory, you’ll constantly be juggling items, which gets very frustrating.

The game ends once your health, nutrition and hydration deplete but if you can build larger items like a fire and shelter, you’ll be able to regain lost health. The game is well presented in 3D (despite the weird walking animation of the old man) and consists of a rather annoying soundtrack of waves crashing up against the coast, but you do have the luxury of using your iPod during gameplay.

Stranded! is a puzzle game with a fantastic concept but still needs work. The gameplay is hardly explained and once you do get the gist of it, the constant swapping in and out of items becomes incredibly annoying. The touch based controls are simple to use, and new games are randomised every time you play; keeping things fresh. But the game’s issues leave it as one you might play for a bit, but soon move onto something more exciting.


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