World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend Review

By , on November 1, 2009

World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend
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5 out of 5


  • Plenty of game modes to keep you happy: Legends Career, Online and Bluetooth multiplayer and quick cash games.
  • Players are free to use their iPod and make a custom tracklist during gameplay.
  • Current games can be continued if you exit the application.


  • This game takes a while to play – like all poker games.
  • The game might be a bit intimidating to players who are unfamiliar with the rules of Texas Hold ‘Em.


If you’re a fan of Poker, then you should go ‘All In’ when considering purchasing World Series of Poker Hold ‘Em Legends.

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World Series of Poker Hold ‘Em Legends is the latest Poker release for the iPhone and this time the game is Texas Hold ‘Em. Players must bluff and win their way through the game in order to play for the coveted WSOP main event bracelet and earn the title of Texas Hold ‘Em Legend.

Players use the iPhone touch screen to perform each of the different betting actions in the game. Players tap the screen to bet, slide the betting wheel to raise, double tap the screen to check and slide their cards onto the table to fold. The controls are self explanatory and very simple to use.

The game’s presentation is very well done using live action cut-scenes to break up the gameplay. The in-game sound is limited to the flick of cards and chips, but players are able to make a custom iPod playlist for their game. There are a number of modes to play through but the most satisfying is the career mode; where players work their way up from small clubs to eventually compete in the WSOP main event.

If you’re a fan of Texas Hold ‘Em poker then this is a must have title. The game is easy to control, features some challenging AI and is very addictive. The only real issue with the game is that like all poker games, it takes a while to finish a game. But you will be thoroughly entertained by what’s available in World Series of Poker Hold ‘Em Legends.


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